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In this video, reporter Emily Johnson looks at the 969 Buddhist nationalist movement, which has been blamed for inciting violence against Burma's minority Muslim population. She talks to U Wirathu, the movement's spiritual leader, and

While working on "Burma at the Crossroads," we looked for young people who could speak about the experience of living in Burma as the country goes through some major changes. We met Bawi Zakham through one of his teachers, Deb Fowler. He inspired her (and us!) with his courageous story of

Aung San Suu Kyi is not only the daughter of Aung San, a beloved figure who secured Burma’s independence from Britain, but she's also an icon in her own right. Biographer Peter Popham talks about her rise to prominence and her political future.

Burma's incredible diversity of cultures, backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities are mashed together in the rapidly developing city of Yangon. Its residents share their hopes and fears for Burma's uncertain future.

Burma's Rohingya Muslim population is one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. They can’t vote. They have no rights. And they aren’t recognized as citizens in their own country. Their desperate situation has attracted the attention of human traffickers, who prey on the vulnerability

The case of Burma provides a unique glimpse into the challenges of moving from a military dictatorship to a more open society. To get insight into this process, we reached

AAM partnered with Tolo News (Afghanistan) and Geo News (Pakistan) for the latest in a series of bilateral town halls connecting audiences and government officials for a televised dialogue that broadcast in prime time in both countries. The town hall focused on the changing relationship between the...