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Pakistan Information Network (PIN)

AAM established the first and only U.S. news bureaus for leading Pakistani channels Dunya TV and Express News in April 2010. Two all-Pakistani teams of journalists moved to Washington to run the bureaus for the next two years out of AAM’s headquarters, where they produced daily news, feature reports and 24-hour coverage from around the U.S. for broadcast on their networks in Pakistan.


Reema Khan's America

Baa Hum (Together)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Afghan Media Productions (AMP) -  AAM's Kabul office - partnered with Radio Khurshid to produce a town hall exploring the impact of Afghanistan's recent elections on women and their communities.

In this program, a panel of women's rights activists and experts engaged in a lively dialogue with an audience of Afghan women from diverse backgrounds. The discussion examined the high rate of women's participation in the recent elections; the prospects for Afghan women under a new government; and strategies for women to achieve more influential positions in Afghan society.