Young and Restless - Youth Identity in the Arab World

Young and Restless - Youth Identity in the Arab World

The Arab world has the largest youth bulge on the planet. Millions of young people are living in a pressure cooker of social, political, tribal, and religious forces. We visit Jordan and Egypt and speak with young Arabs in America about their struggles with identity, and how globalization, Islam, and a turbulent region are shaping how they look at themselves, and the world. 

Executive Producer: Aaron Lobel / AAM Producers: Monica Bushman, Sean Carberry, Jordana Gustafson, Matt Ozug, Chris Williams / Web Producer: Javier Barrera / Photo: Sean Carberry. Host: Deborah Amos

Field Report from Jordan

Sean Carberry travels to Jordan to explore how young people are navigating between global, religious and tribal forces as they form their identities.

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Field Report from Egypt

Sean Carberry reports from Cairo on the conflicting pressures facing Egyptian women as they struggle to reconcile traditional codes of conduct with western norms when it comes to dating and relationships.

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Field Report from Michigan

Jordana Gustafson reports from Michigan on the struggles facing young Arab Americans as they negotiate their identities in the United States.

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Discussion on Arab Identity

Deborah Amos speaks with Nadine Naber, Professor of Arab American Studies at the University of Michigan, about the shaping of Arab identity among young people in the Arab region and in the United States.

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