Mexico: Looking Forward

Mexico: Looking Forward

Mexico isn’t just America’s neighbor. It is also our third-largest trading partner, outpacing Japan, Germany and the UK combined. So what will a change in Mexico’s government mean for the U.S.? 

Mexico: Looking Forward / Produced by Alisa Barba, Jennifer Collins, Franc Contreras, Michel Marizco, A.C. Valdez, and Jonathon Zinger. Edited by Martha Little / Special thanks to Fronteras: The Changing America Desk, a public radio collaboration in the southwest that covers border and immigration issues / Web Producer: Javier Barrera / Photos: AP Images, antenne (Flickr), Javier Barrera, Foundation Escalera (Flickr), and Marcela Taboada./Host: Ray Suarez / Length: 51 minutes / Airdate: August 2012

Mexico's struggling schools

Mexico spends nearly one quarter of its budget on education. Yet its schools are lagging behind, with Mexican students scoring the lowest reading levels of all developed countries. Jennifer Collins reports from Oaxaca and Mexico City.

Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI): A return to power

Mexico’s newly elected president, Enrique Peña Nieto, comes from a party that controlled the government for more than seven decades. Franc Contreras reports from the PRI stronghold of Mexico state on voters’ hopes for the party moving forward.

Probing Mexico's Past

Ray Suarez takes a look back at Mexico’s history, from the influential role the U.S. has played in Mexico’s economy to the evolution of it’s political system – from revolution to dictatorship to democracy.

Fast and Furious Fallout

Will fallout from the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal change the way the United States and Mexico work together on border security? Michel Marizco reports from the border.

What will Mexico look like under new leadership?

Ray Suarez talks with experts Manuel Suarez-Mier and Eric Olson about the country’s future under its next president, Enrique Peña Nieto.