Made in America: Trade Policy in the Trump Era

Made in America: Trade Policy in the Trump Era

This hour, we'll talk about why trade was one of the biggest issues that got Donald Trump elected. What Americans stand to gain - and lose - by pulling out of trade deals. And what really happened to American manufacturing jobs.

We’ll also see how the rest of the world is preparing for a massive shift in US policy, from a microbrewery in Tijuana to a medical manufacturer in Berlin.

Featuring interviews with:

Edward Alden - senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

Douglas Irwin - economics professor at Dartmouth College

Mac Destler - public policy professor at the University of Maryland 

Robert Howse - professor at NYU Law

Mike Froman - former US Trade Representative & fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

Jake Schmidt - director of the international program at the Natural Resources Defense Council

Monica Serrano - professor of international relations at the College of Mexico

Scott Kennedy - director of the Project on Chinese Business at the Center for Strategic & International Studies

Derek Scissors - scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

Jyrki Katainen - vice president at the European Commission 

Featured stories: 

Maya Kroth in Tijuana, Mexico profiles two businesses: one that would benefit if President Trump walked away from Nafta; and one that faces bankruptcy if Nafta is cancelled. 

Emily Johnson reports from Galax, Virginia, where the furniture industry successfully fought - and won - against Chinese competition.

William Noah Glucroft reports from Berlin on how European businesses are dealing with American uncertainty on trade deals - and how some are looking to Canada and China as alternatives to the US.