Joined by War–A Conversation Between Afghans and Americans

Joined by War–A Conversation Between Afghans and Americans

For most people, the bombs and bloodshed seem a world away, but for Afghans and American soldiers and civilians, the conflict is a daily reality.

And it’s been a reality for a long time. The typical American third-grader has live his or her entire life in world where US troops have been fighting in Afghanistan. Now, for the first time, live audiences in both countries get to talk to each other about living with war.

In this special town hall program, an audience in Washington DC will speak with local Afghans about life in the battlefield, about how their lives have changed over the last ten years, and what they want today from the US and their own government. And an Afghan audience will speak with American soldiers and civilians about what it's like fighting in a foreign land, and how they feel about their efforts to take down the Taliban and stand up a stable nation.

Guests include:

  • Major Vincent Heintz practices law in New York City. He is a Major in the New York Army National Guard, and has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded Bronze Star Medals for his leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Captain Andrew Wilson works for International Relief and Development, an NGO that is doing development and reconstruction work in Afghanistan. He has served two tours in the US Army in Afghanistan.
  • Zakia Soleiman is a grants manager for a project called "Bringing Gender Equality in Afghanistan."
  • Abdul Quayum Wafa is an entrepenuer and is involved in different social development projects in Afghanistan. He was involved with Pakistan-based religious parties that fought the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Original airdate: January 2011.

This is a joint production by America Abroad Media, WAMU 88.5 FM, and Radio Killid Afghanistan.