Iran and the Bomb

Iran and the Bomb

“Because we have employed so many of the options that are available to us to persuade Iran to take a different course, the window for solving this issue diplomatically is shrinking.” 
–President Obama during a press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron on March 14, 2012

Iran’s nuclear ambitions have the world on edge. Because of its reluctance to admit international inspectors, and its progress in enriching uranium, the situation is increasingly tense. A nuclear Iran could lead to a Middle Eastern arms race and destabilize the world’s oil market. But are sanctions and other diplomatic efforts enough to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons?

Produced by Monica Bushman, Joseph Braude, Linda Gradstein, A.C. Valdez, and Megan Williams, with additional production by Flawn Williams / Web Producers: Javier Barrera and Sam Lavine / Photo: AP Images /Host: Katherine Lanpher /  Airdate: April 2012

Field report: Will Israel strike Iran?

Iran’s nuclear ambitions have the world watching, and few countries are watching closer than Israel, which has threatened pre-emptive strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. Linda Gradstein reports from Israel.

History of nuclear non-proliferation

Since nuclear weapons were developed, the world has struggled to stop them from spreading. Host Katherine Lanpher looks back at the 60+ year history of nuclear non-proliferation.

Field report: The view from Europe

Europe is imposing tough sanctions on Iran, restricting oil purchases and other business. Megan Williams travels to Brussels, Berlin, and Italy to report on how Europe views sanctions, negotiations and the use of force.

US policy towards Iran's nuclear program

Joseph Braude talks to former White House officials about the evolution of US policy towards Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

What's next? Roundtable discussion

The international community is engaging in a new round of talks with Iran, trying to break a stalemate over nuclear weapons inspections. Host Katherine Lanpher and her guests discuss the next steps for the Obama administration.