Holy Diplomacy

Holy Diplomacy

The Vatican enjoys a privileged and unique status as the only religion represented at the United Nations and dozens of other international bodies. At times this ruffles feathers when Church doctrine clashes with secular affairs of state. Still, the Church manages to tend its flock of more than one billion Catholics worldwide, while its legions of clergy and diplomats also carry on the faith’s tradition of ministering to global matters, by promoting development, advocating for religious freedom and building peace. 

Guests on this program include:

  • Mary Ann Glendon, US Ambassador to the Holy See
  • Francis Campbell, British Ambassador to the Holy See
  • Father Thomas Reese, Senior Research Fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University
  • Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for Choice
  • Massimo Franco, political columnist for the Italian daily newspaper, Corriere della Sera
  • Father J. Bryan Hehir, Professor of the Practice of Religion and Public Life at Harvard University
  • George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center
  • Dr. Bronislaw Geremek, a leader of the Polish Solidarity Movement
  • Richard Allen, former National Security Advisor to President Reagan
  • Jean-Noel Wetterwald, UN High Commissioner for Refugees representative in Colombia
  • Archbishop Luis Augusto Castro Quiroga of Tunja, President of the Bishops’ Conference in Colombia
  • Bishop Fidel Leon Cadavid Marin of Quibdo
Segment 1

Elizabeth Arnold travels to the Vatican to explore the Holy See’s foreign policy machinery.

Segment 2

Ray Suarez traces the history of the Vatican’s evolving role in world affairs and examines Pope John Paul II’s role in the fall of communism in his native Poland.

Segment 3

Deborah Amos looks at the Catholic Church’s peace-building efforts in the troubled jungles of Colombia.