The Future of NATO

The Future of NATO

It's been called the most successful alliance in world history. President Obama and fellow leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, are meeting at an important summit in Chicago this month to discuss the future of the alliance.

NATO troops have now spent a decade in Afghanistan, and more recently, NATO airpower helped to overthrow Moammar Ghaddafi in Libya. But in the face of economic stress, and war-weary publics in the United States and Europe, how will the alliance move forward?

The Future Of NATO / Produced by Fareedoone Aryan, Joseph Braude, Teri Schultz, and A.C. Valdez. Additional production help was provided by Flawn Williams / Special thanks to Alex Keefe and WBEZ Chicago / Web Producer: Javier Barrera / Photography: Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini /Host: Ray Suarez /  Airdate: May 2012

The Afghan Perspective

As NATO troops withdraw from Afghanistan, many Afghans fear that their security will deteriorate. We hear perspectives from everyday Afghans on NATO’s departure.

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Interview with Ashraf Ghani

Fareedoone Aryan talks with Ashraf Ghani, the man in charge of making sure Afghan troops and police can handle security duties once NATO soldiers leave.

Field report: lessons from Libya

Teri Schultz reports from Brussels and London on the lessons NATO can draw from its experience in Libya, and what it means for the alliance going forward.

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The Origins of NATO

Host Ray Suarez looks back at NATO’s origin as a counterweight to Soviet military might, and its more recent history in the former Yugoslavia, Libya, and Afghanistan.

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Local Perspective from Chicago

The May 20th NATO conference marks the first time such a meeting has been held in Chicago. But how do Chicago residents feel about the international attention? Alex Keefe reports.

After the summit: what's next for NATO?

How will NATO withstand defense cuts and war-weary publics? Will the world see more NATO missions like the one carried out in Libya? Host Katherine Lanpher discusses NATO’s future with two experts.

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