Countering Violent Extremism: An International Town Hall

Countering Violent Extremism: An International Town Hall

Recent terrorist attacks on Western soil, including the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris and the shooting in Garland, Texas, have galvanized people on both sides of the Atlantic to take stronger action to counter violent extremism in Muslim communities.

To discuss how the US and Europe are addressing the unprecedented recruitment effort by the Islamic State, while preserving civil liberties and trust with Muslim communities, America Abroad teamed up with NPR Berlin for a live town hall event, bringing together audiences at WHYY in Philadelphia and the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin, Germany.

This international town hall is featured in this month's episode of America Abroad Radio. Moderating the discussion are veteran public radio host and reporter Jacki Lyden from Philadelphia and NPR's Paris correspondent Eleanor Beardsley from Berlin. 

Featured guests include:

  • Mehreen Farooq, a senior fellow with the World Organization for Resource Development and Education;
  • Zainab Al-Suwaij, the co-founder and executive director of the American Islamic Council;
  • Henning Hoff, the editor at large of the Berlin Policy Journal;
  • Khaldun Al-Saadi, a speaker for the Dresden Islamic Center and Mosque, and a project coordinator for the Young Islam Conference in Berlin; and
  • Jeff Tomlinson, head of Philadelphia's joint terrorism task force from 2001-2004 and 2006-2009