Bioethics in Islam

Bioethics in Islam

Abortion. Right to die. Stem cell research. How do Muslims around the world approach modern bioethical dilemmas?

This episode, we'll learn why some transgender Muslims are traveling to Bangkok for gender reassignment surgery. How Egypt became an international hub in the black market organ trade. And why a Muslim chaplain in Toronto advised a patient to end his own life support. Plus, how Muslim clerics work with doctors to decide cases involving in vitro fertilization, stem cell therapy, and abortion.

Guests include this hour include:

Dr. Abdulla Awidi - Director of the Cell Therapy Center in Amman Jordan

Arthur Caplan - Founding head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU’s School of Medicine

Dr. Erik Fleischman - International Medical Director of Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand

Sherine Hamdy - Professor of Anthropology at UC Irvine

Imam Yahya Hendi - Muslim Chaplain at Georgetown University

Marcia Inhorn - Professor of Anthropology at Yale University.

Maya Jafer - Muslim transgender activist

Dr. Aasim Padela - Director of the Initiative on Islam and Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Chicacgo

Abdulaziz Sachedina - Bioethicist and chair of the Religious Studies department at George Mason University.