After Paris: Global approaches to climate change [UPDATED]

After Paris: Global approaches to climate change [UPDATED]

Superstorms like Harvey and Irma are increasingly common — a result of global warming, say climate scientists. Yet President Donald Trump intends to pull the US out of the Paris agreement, a historic international pact to reduce carbon emissions.

But how is the rest of the world dealing with climate change?

In this hour, we’ll explore how various countries are tackling the issue of climate change — from China and India to the Arctic and North Africa. And we'll discuss whether countries can reduce their emissions without damaging their economies and what the US pullout means for the world.

Featured interviews

  • Barbara Finamore is a senior attorney and Asia director at the NRDC.
  • Brian Deese is a former senior advisor to President Obama and was a top negotiator of the Paris agreement. 
  • Michael Breen is the CEO of the Truman National Security Project. 
  • Bob Inglis is a clean energy advocate and former Republican congressman from South Carolina.

Featured stories

  • Chris Bentley reports from Morocco on how this country drenched in sunlight is taking advantage of solar energy opportunities. (Rebroadcast from The World and the GroundTruth Project)
  • Jocelyn Ford reports from China on the hundreds of thousands of farmers who are now climate change refugees.
  • Antoine Guinard reports from India on efforts to expand renewable energy as the country develops economically.
  • Carrie Swiggum reports from the Canadian arctic, where people worry that their way of life is literally melting way.