Saba Mubarak


Saba Mubarak is a multi-award winning Jordanian actress and producer, who majored in Directing & Acting at Al Yarmouk University in Jordan. Saba has taken part in over 50 highly acclaimed T.V productions such as the Emmy Award winning TV series The Invasion, in addition to many feature films locally and internationally, and numerous theatre plays.

In 2012, Pan East Media, a Jordanian production house owned and managed by Saba Mubarak, started working on their first project, Zain, a light comedy T.V series that was broadcasted on numerous T.V networks in the Middle East. In 2014, Pan East Media also released Tawq Al Asphalt a Bedouin, historic drama series inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. In 2016, Pan East Media produced an animated web series, fiber. And in 2017, the company has taken part in co-producing the Turkish feature The Guest/ Aleppo-Istanbul.