Princess Rym Ali

Princess Rym

Princess Rym Ali is an internationally renowned journalist and the founder of the Jordan Media Institute (JMI). JMI was created with the goal of establishing a new standard of journalism education in Jordan and the region. Under her leadership, JMI has educated over 600 journalists from Jordan and around the world. Prior to founding JMI, Princess Rym worked as an international news correspondent for respected outlets such as BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, United Press International, and Radio Monte Carlo. She also served as a Baghdad correspondent from 2001 until 2004. Princess Rym is also the President of the Amman International Film Festival and the Executive Commissioner of the Royal Film Commission of Jordan (RFC). 

Through her work at the RFC, she has played an important role in empowering young filmmakers and scriptwriters in Jordan to share their stories with the world. In Jordan, the RFC has been the key force behind encouraging cross-cultural understanding, enhancing freedom of expression, and promoting film education and a cutting-edge film industry.