Hend Sabry


Acclaimed Tunisian actress and producer Hend Sabry started acting at the age of fourteen in the Tunisian movie Samt al Qosoor (Silence of the Palaces) and was granted her first best actress award from the Carthage Film Festival at the age of fifteen. Since 1995, Hend has played remarkable roles in several Egyptian & Tunisian films, receiving over 25 international awards in recognition of her achievements as an actress. The Flower of Aleppo, Silence of the Palaces, The Yacoubian Building, and Heliopolis, among her other films, tackle serious, substantive subject matter, and seek not only to entertain audiences but also to raise awareness of and ask important questions about issues of social importance facing societies in the Middle East and around the world today.

Topping Forbes list of Top 10 Arab Actresses in 2017, Hend’s recent film The Flower of Aleppo captures a mother’s personal journey to fight ISIS. Outside of acting, Hend is also an active humanitarian and one of the most prominent women to have contributed to the Facebook campaign “The Uprising of Women in the Arab World,” which promotes gender equality in accordance with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and calls for freedom, independence, and security for Arab women. Most recently, in 2017, Hend joined the advisory board for the inaugural edition of the El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt.