Political Participation in Tunisia

Political Participation in Tunisia

AAM partnered with Shems FM to produce a town hall connecting audiences in the coastal city of Gabes and the rural city of Kairouan for direct discussion on citizen participation in the political process. 

Since the fall of Ben Ali in January 2011, Tunisia has been undergoing a dramatic political transition. Have Tunisian political parties become more experienced since the October 23rd constituent assembly elections, and therefore more organized and effective? What will re-motivate citizens of all age ranges and genders, who have too quickly lost patience and faith in their newly founded political parties? Have Tunisians decided, too soon perhaps, to retreat from political life – in many cases preferring to engage in civil society activism over affiliating with political parties?

In a radio town hall event, a group of Tunisian citizens from the coastal city of Gabes, and others from the interior city of Kerouain, came together to discuss these questions, along with other concerns.  

Panelists included:

  • Kamal El-Hajam, Mobilization Coordinator from the Ennahda movement and member of the executive office of Ennahda. 
  • Nahla Ben Khalifa, Youth and Women Coordinator at the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP). PDP is one of the few opposition parties that existed during the Ben Ali regime. It is a leftist progressive party that lost in the October 23rd elections.
  • Nasreddine Ben Hdid, journalist on Nessma TV’s political debates and news hour. He is a centrist known for his objective and academically backed opinions.