Democratic Freedom in Tunisia

Democratic Freedom in Tunisia

AAM partnered with Shems FM to host a town hall connecting audiences and experts in Tunis, Sidi Bouzid and Bizerte to discuss the consequences of personal freedom in a democracy. The two-hour program featured experts from across the political spectrum, including professors, journalists and artists, as well as audience participants from each of the three locations.

Guests included:

  •  Fawzi Ben Mrad, a lawyer who processed the dissolving of the former ruling party of Ben Ali (RCD). He is also defending the television channel Nessma in their current case regarding the broadcast of the Iranian film “Persepolis.”
  • Professor Salem Abyad, professor of Civilization at the University of 9 April, in the faculty of Humanities, in Tunis. He is closely tied to the Ennahda party.

The wide-ranging discussion focused on the ways in which religion and culture define personal freedoms, as well as the roles that the media, the law and protests can play in civil society.

Read some of the press coverage in local Tunisian media outlets: