Afghan Town Hall on Women and the Elections

Afghan Town Hall on Women and the Elections

Afghan Media Productions (AMP) -  AAM's Kabul office - partnered with Radio Khurshid to produce a town hall exploring the impact of Afghanistan's recent elections on women and their communities.

In this program, a panel of women's rights activists and experts engaged in a lively dialogue with an audience of Afghan women from diverse backgrounds. The discussion examined the high rate of women's participation in the recent elections; the prospects for Afghan women under a new government; and strategies for women to achieve more influential positions in Afghan society.

Panelists included:

  • Gulsoom Satarzai - Executive Director, Afghan Women's Services & Education Organization
  • Shahla Farid - Professor of Law, Kabul University
  • Roshan Mashal - Networking Manager, Afghan Women's Network

The town hall aired as part of the Baa Hum (Together) series -- an educational and entertaining radio program focused on women's political participation. Baa Hum broadcast on Tuesdays at 5pm local time in Dari and Pashto. It reaches a broad audience throughout Afghanistan, particularly in its rural areas where voter turnout has been low, and where many women recently participated in the country's elections for the first time.

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