Radio release - Youth in the Arab World: After the Revolution

Radio release - Youth in the Arab World: After the Revolution

(Washington DC – November 15, 2012) America Abroad’s November radio documentary is “Youth in the Arab World: After the Revolution.”

Arabs under thirty drove the region's revolutions, and they have emerged as prominent social and political actors. But with new governments now in power, are youth satisfied with the pace of change? On this month’s episode of America Abroad "Youth in the Arab World: After the Revolution" – we travel to Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia to find out.

Segments include:

American University in Cairo journalism professor Kim Fox speaks with several young Egyptians who demonstrated in Tahrir Square about their aspirations and concerns under the Muslim Brotherhood's leadership.

As the conflict in Syria worsens, many young people are fleeing to neighboring Lebanon in search of work. David Enders reports from Beirut on the economic and unemployment crisis in Syria that continues to fuel the conflict.

Nas al-Ghiwan is often described as one of the most influential bands of the last 40 years in Morocco. Joseph Braude explores the band’s cultural and political significance among Moroccans of all ages.

Joseph Braude reports from Tunisia on the story of a young activist who started an NGO to address the issue of gun control among local militias and armed groups.

In this roundtable discussion, host Meghna Chakrabarti talks with Raj Desai of Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution, and Khairi Abaza of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, about the hopes of young people in the Middle East -- including women's rights and the need for better education and job opportunities.

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