Town hall from Tunisia on the protests and public order

Town hall from Tunisia on the protests and public order

(Washington DC – September 24, 2012) Today at 10AM EDT (3PM in Tunisia), America Abroad Media’s Tunisian office — Association Tunisie Media (ATM)— partnered with Shems FM to host a town hall discussion on the relationship between Tunisia's security forces and its citizens.


This timely event comes as violent protests have erupted in Tunis, including a recent attack on the American embassy.

The event was broadcast live online (in Arabic) and connected audiences in the coastal city of Sfax and the rural city of Sidi Bouzid — birthplace of the Arab uprisings — to discuss how Tunisia’s new democracy can respect civil rights while maintaining law and order.

Panelists included:

  • Ousama Ben Thaljeh, representative of the Ministry of the Interior       
  • Mohamed Ali Aroui, Spokesperson for the National Security's General Management
  • Mokhtar Trifi, Honorary President of the Tunisian League for Human Rights

Check out these powerful images of the recent attack on the U.S. embassy, taken by ATM staff member Wassim Ben Rhouma.

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