Imaad Zuberi


Imaad Zuberi is Vice Chairman at Avenue Ventures Group – a venture capital, private equity, investments and holding company which also specializes in advisory (privatization, international joint-venture, cross-border transaction and valuation). Avenue clients include start-up companies to Fortune 1000 entities to sovereign wealth funds. At Avenue, Imaad has closed over $55 billion in transactions. Avenue Ventures Group includes: Avenue Ventures, Avenue Investment Services, Avenue Capital Group, Avenue Venture Partners LLC, Avenue Properties LLC and Avenue Automotive Corporation

Prior to joining Avenue, Imaad was Vice President of Strategy and Market/Corporate Development at AEGON Group N.V. [one of the world’s largest financial services firms with over $550 billion of assets under management (AuMs)]. He led AEGON Group's insurance and investments activities in Asia, especially in China, India and Middle East. Imaad was Executive Director of AEGON-Industrial Fund Management Company based in Shanghai China with asset under management (AuMs of RMB 35 billion) $7.0 billion. Previously Imaad was Vice President of Market and Business Development at AEGON-Transamerica Insurance & Investments Group responsible for Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai operations). Prior to that, Imaad was Vice President and General Manager of Transamerica Insurance and Investments Group, responsible for Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) operations based in Dubai. Before that, Imaad was with Irvine Ventures LLC (GS) where he was responsible for strategic alliances, valuations, revenue share agreements, trade sales, due diligences and corporate governance of portfolio companies. While at Irvine, Imaad and his partners created a financial portal for European markets that was sold to a top insurer in Europe.

Imaad has BSc and MBA from University of Southern California and Stanford majoring in Finance and Business Economics. Imaad is on the boards of directors at various start-ups companies including CircleCredit, DebtDog, ProaMedical, EggFinancial, iCapital, FundAthena and etc. He is advisor to various multinational companies on international expansion and growth strategies. Imaad is advisor to various government entities and senior government officials on economic affairs, commerce and international trade. He is advisor to various law enforcement agencies. Imaad is politically active. He was Co-Chair of National Finance Committee (NFC); Obama-Biden for America; he is a member of Board of Directors at Obama - Organizing for Action (OFA). Imaad was a co-chair of Hillary for America National Finance Committee. He is on the Board of Director of Latino Victory Project. Imaad is Trustee of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), He is advisor to the Chinese Government on economic affairs including Institute of Finance and Banking (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences CASS). Imaad is on board of advisors of American Abroad Media (AAM), Vote Vets, E. Pluribus Unum Foundation and etc. Imaad is actively involved in several philanthropies relating to underprivileged children in the USA and Asia.

Imaad actively donates to various programs to get former gang members into productive workforce. Imaad sponsors after school programs for underprivileged and minority children. Imaad is Honorable Discharge from the United States Army. Imaad is co-chair of super PAC - Free & Fair Trade USA (seeking equitable to US workers trade practices). Imaad speaks several languages including Indian/Pakistani (Hindi/Urdu), Chinese (Mandarin) and etc. He is currently the acting Senior Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development of Manhattan Street Capital – an online funding start-up company based in California. Imaad is helping American companies set up beachhead in Asia especially in China, India, Middle East and North Africa