Radio release–The Next President: Foreign Policy Challenges

Radio release–The Next President: Foreign Policy Challenges

(Washington DC – September 4, 2012) America Abroad’s September radio documentary is “The Next President: Foreign Policy Challenges.”

The next President of the United States may face some very tough foreign policy decisions early in his administration. So it’s important that American voters know where candidates stand on the key issues. Explore the topic in depth in this month’s episode of America Abroad: The Next President: Foreign Policy Challenges.

Segments include:

In the first of a three-part roundtable discussion, Ray Suarez sits down with Foreign Policy magazine’s editor in chief, Susan Glasser, and the Brookings Institution’s director of research for foreign policy, Michael O’Hanlon, to discuss the presidential candidates’ views on today’s key foreign policy challenges. 

Confronting Iran’s nuclear ambitions will be among the top foreign policy priorities for the next president. America Abroad’s Joseph Braude talks to former government officials Nicholas Burns, Dennis Ross, and Juan Zarate about the evolution of U.S. policy towards Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

With the situation in Syria continuing to deteriorate, the potential for international intervention rises. Ray Suarez talks with Syrian-American activist Rafif Jouejati, who works with Syrian nonviolent groups, about what role the U.S. should play. 

The ongoing debt crisis in Europe has made possible what was once inconceivable—the collapse of the euro. Ray Suarez takes a look back at the history of the EU and the origins of the current financial crisis.

The roundtable discussion continues with experts weighing in on the future of the euro, the effect of Europe’s crisis on the global economy, and what it will mean for the next administration.

• The roundtable discussion concludes by focusing on China, including the controversy over its currency manipulation, the American debt held by the Chinese, and how an Obama or Romney administration might address a more assertive China. 

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