AAM launches partnership with leading Egyptian TV channels

AAM launches partnership with leading Egyptian TV channels

(Washington DC – November 2, 2012) AAM is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking partnership with two of Egypt's biggest television channels – Al Hayat and ON TV.

The unique collaboration will feature a range of co-produced programming, from documentaries and talk shows to international town halls, entertainment programs and journalism exchanges.

‘Egypt will play an enormous role in determining the trajectory of the Middle East,' said AAM founder and president Aaron Lobel. ‘And the Egyptian media will play a critical role in fostering a free exchange of ideas, a robust civil society, and an Egyptian public that is well informed. We’re thrilled about this groundbreaking partnership with Al Hayat and ON TV, and the opportunity to help support Egyptian media during this historic period.'

The partnership will debut next week, when correspondents from ON and Al Hayat will travel to Washington and team up with AAM to co-produce live coverage of the US presidential election for primetime broadcast in Egypt.

'Al Hayat TV always went the extra mile to provide its viewers with the quality TV they expect and aspire. Our new cooperation with AAM is a step further, and a leap forward on that direction, to open up to the world as journalists, audience, and on a broader sense, the whole society.'
– Mohamed A. Motaal, Al Hayat CEO

‘ON TV is excited to be partnering with America Abroad Media. It's a unique opportunity to produce compelling television programs, provide our journalists with improved access to the US, and provide Americans with an opportunity to learn more about Egypt.’
– Albert Shafik, CEO of ON TV

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